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Bison Strength Equipment
3316 N Lakeharbor Ln., Apt. 303
Boise , ID , 83703 United States
(208) 340-1087

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Retail and Wholesale sales of Bison-1 strength development personal training exerciser.

Feb 25, 2004 by SotExSportphoto of 'Bison Strength Equipment'

function rating_stars(rating) { var stars = []; for (i = 0; i < 5; i++) { if (i < rating) { stars += String.fromCharCode(parseInt("2605", 16)); } else { stars += String.fromCharCode(parseInt("2606", 16)); } } return stars; } Retail and wholesale sales of the Bison-1, personal strength development exerciser. Bison-1 is imported from Europe and is currently unmatched in results! The exerciser is designed on the base of human bio-mechanics and kinesiology experiments, allows for natural-like motion training, thus, developing functional strength. Bison-1 is already used by Olympic and world champions in Europe, European SWAT teams, and secret service. What makes the company different, is that we deliver outstanding customer service and follow ups, we create a Bison community - a stronger group!

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Bison-1 forearm equipment best excercise award
Bison-1 exercise 1
Bison-1 Exercise 1 animated picture
Move the handles vertically up-down. Variations of the initial position of the exerciser: behind the back, above the head, on the side (IP 1-4); with various locations of the exerciser.

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UFC Fan Expo 2010 - Bison-1 forearm equipment Presentation

forearm strength training exercise equipment

was constructed by a Belarusian scientist Nikolai Sotsky in 1992. Bison-1 exerciser is often referred to as a gym in bag. It is the first

forearm exercise equipment

that provides three-dimensional movements, thus, simulation of functional human body movements. About 30 muscles are involved in a

strength workout

simultaneously, and a complete quantity of possible training exercise variations exceeds 100,000.
        Bison-1 is designed for

forearm functional muscle strength training

with a simultaneous accent on endurance and cardiovascular system workout. The biggest advantage of the equipment is its ability to provide freedom of

forearm exercise

variations, giving it a more natural effect vs. the basic dumbbell or other weight lifting

strength workouts

at the gym, where you are almost always given one or two directions of movements. The second advantage is that during the regular arm and

forearm workouts

at the gym, the motion direction is only determined by the construction of the machine, while Bison-1, by giving more movement freedom, involves even the most neglected deeper

forearm muscles

in keeping the motion direction and the exerciser's stability, thus, reaching more complete muscle tension. The result of such forearm workouts is five to seven times more efficient when working on

muscle strength

, leading to considerable decreases in chances of arm injuries in joints, muscles, and tendons. The forearm equipment uses friction forces for resistance, eliminating inertia, gravity, and need for returning ...
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